Unity in Diversity

Ivhu Logistics Real Estate would like to acknowledge our clients and colleagues taking time to realign, reconcile & recommit to their faith, observing Ramadan alongside Lent, two of the world’s most important religious observances.  
Lent for some is a time of preparation and penance leading up to Easter, while Ramadan is a time of heightened spirituality and purification. Regardless of these differences, both practices allow us all to deepen our spiritual connection with God and draw closer to our faith.
Imagine you have a big playground, and the Earth is like a giant spinning top (whirly thinga-majig).
Lent begins based on the spring equinox and lasts for 40 days. The spring equinox is like a special day when the playground gets exactly the same amount of sunlight and darkness. It’s like saying, “Hey, everyone gets to play in the sun and the dark for the same amount of time!”
In contrast, Ramadan follows a lunar cycle and lasts for 30 days. Imagine the Moon is playing hide and seek with us. At first, it’s a big, bright circle (full moon), then it gets smaller and smaller until it’s completely hidden (new moon), and then it starts getting bigger again. Thats the lunar cycle.
So, the Spring Equinox is about the Earth and the Sun having a balanced day, while the lunar cycle is like watching the Moon do different tricks in the sky every night.
Here are 5 small ways we at Ivhu are trying to be more considerate during this sacred time.
1. We are taking the time to ask one Muslim mate about the significance of Ramadan, its practices, and the principles. Fostering open communication by asking questions respectfully.
2. We recognize that daily schedules may change during Ramadan. Considerate of additional prayer times, we try avoid scheduling unnecessary meetings. Simple gestures, like adjusting schedules or being flexible, can make a significant difference, especially when trying to beat Nairobi traffic to make it for sunset prayers (Iftar)
3. Fasting during Ramadan can be challenging. We are conscious of this fact, so we try our best to be patient and understanding if our Muslim colleagues and friends seem tired.
4. We are trying to be mindful and considerate of eating or drinking in front of those fasting during the day, especially given that the Islamic fast allows no food or water during the day. So restraint from fried chicken and nyama-choma in the office is helpful.
5. Simply wishing our Muslim friends and colleagues a blessed Ramadan. Demonstrating awareness and understanding of the significance of this holy month fosters a sense of respect and celebrates the diversity within our communities. “Ubuntu” as we call it down south.
Wishing our Muslim friends a blessed & joyous Ramadan! May this sacred month bring peace, reflection, and spiritual growth. Let’s embrace diversity, understanding, and respect as we stand together in unity. Ramadan Kareem! ???????? #RamadanKareem #UnityInDiversity #InterfaithRespect

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Unity in Diversity

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