If you need to manufacture it, assemble it, process it, store it or distribute it within the COMESA free trade area…Ivhu can finance and develop the infrastructure for it!

Who We Are

Incorporated in 2023, Ivhu Logistics Real Estate is a pure-play regional Industrial B2B platform developing fit-for-purpose, modern, green, supply chain infrastructure to serve manufacturers, assemblers, processors, farmers, distributors, importers and exporters of value-added goods and services within the COMESA free trade area.

We own, develop and manage high-quality, sustainable properties that are close to consumers and provide essential supply chain infrastructure for businesses in East & Southern Africa.

While we work closely with customers across a wide range of industries, we have specialist Industrial Real estate sector expertise in the e-commerce, technology, food production, FMCG, consumer goods, contract logistics, retail,  automotive, life sciences and healthcare sectors.

From bagging and shunting fertilizer, to nanotechnology and microchip manufacturing, our customers provide a wide range of goods and services in the global economy.

Regardless of what sector you’re in, as long as you operate within the COMESA free trade area, our team of experienced Industrial Real estate professionals has the expertise and capability to deliver the right property solution to suit your needs now and in the future.


Our Mission

At Ivhu, we try to do things differently.

Our strategic focus is to develop a resilient, world-class, African network of supply chain infrastructure, close to key consumer markets to facilitate inbound and outbound trade.

We exist to serve the entrepreneurs and businesses currently constrained by a shortage of efficient, sustainable, Industrial real estate available for commercial lease in Eastern & Southern Africa.

Sustainable development isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are, which is why all our developments will meet or exceed local and regional certification requirements.

Designed for flexibility – Whatever your business, we design our buildings to meet your current needs—and ensure they’re flexible enough to accommodate future growth.

We invest time in actively listening and trying to understand your needs and pain points because we believe that true success lies in paying attention to what truly matters, and then embedding that into Industrial properties that are designed and built with Africa’s future in mind.

People and Culture

“Without great people, even great ideas are useless” – Simon

You might think we’re just about Industrial & Logistics real estate – but fundamentally we’re about people.

Our teams will work with you over the long-term as your needs change. This could be either managing and maintaining your property to a high-quality standard, upgrading and developing a new facility as your business grows, or helping you consolidate your footprint across multiple sites.

We’ve found our strength in Industrial & Logistics Real Estate, humbly striving to be exceptionally good at one thing – by a significant margin.

Our team comprises brilliant and skilled professionals with global expertise and local nuance. We live and breathe Africa.

Our diverse backgrounds and perspectives enrich our approach to everything we do.

What Drives our Culture? – “Ubuntu”

People are at the centre of everything we do. Our Customers. Our Employees. Our Consultants. Our Contractors. Our Suppliers. Our Stakeholders.

Ubuntu/Ubumuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity towards others’. It is often described as reminding us that ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’.

To genuinely care about others, to show humility, empathy, transparency and to recognize the humanity of others is the cornerstone of our culture.

At Ivhu, we are building a community rather than a place where people come to work. We value inclusivity and creativity, foster a sense of belonging, and prioritize diversity.

Our commitment involves intentionally cultivating a team that embraces different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences to ensure our customers success whilst having fun building the Africa we want.

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